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Kashf al Ilbas an Faydat al Khatm Abi Abbas

Removal of the Cloak from the Bountiful Grace of the Seal of the Saints, Abu Abbas at Tijani (RA)

by Sheikh Al Islam Elh. Ibrahim Abdullah Niass (RA)

In the Name of Allah, the All Merciful, the All Compassionate. 

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of All the Worlds, the All Merciful, the All Compassionate, the Master of the Day of Judgment-- 

The One who poured over His saints the oceans of the lights, favored them with the purity of the spiritual states and the secrets, busied them with His remembrance in the evening and the early morning, gathered them under the wing of the Chosen Beloved (al Habib al Mukhtar), made Himself known to them, so they came to know Him directly and thus departed from the sphere of ignorance and denial, chose them for His service, His love and the fellowship of His righteous bosom friends, and attracted them to the presence of His Holiness, so they were enraptured in the contemplation of Majesty and the observation of Beauty, and thus became wholly immersed in the witnessing of Perfection. 

Blessing and peace be upon the supreme means of access to the Lord, the truest source of intimate knowledge, the one to whom the perfection of the Essence was revealed, so he became the focal point of the Names and the Attributes, our master Muhammad (SAW) and upon his family and his Companions, the rightly guided guides, and the Successors, and those who follow them in active goodness until the Day of Judgment, especially his grandson and the inheritor of his secrets, the helper of the Cardinal Poles, the saints and the gnostic sages, and the support of the notables, the righteous, the martyrs, the substitutes (budala), and the champions of the truth (siddiqin). 

The following remarks are offered by the poor servant in dire need of the Mercy of his Compassionate Master, the ignoramus who readily admits his ignorance and his shortcoming, the son of Sheikh al Hajj Abdullah Ibrahim. By the gracious favor of his Master, may he never cease to be enraptured in the Beauty of His Majesty! 

Because ignorance, stupidity, envy, and pigheadedness are prevalent in these countries of ours, negative criticism is frequently leveled at the people of the Tijani Bountiful Grace, alleging that they are guides to the path of bribery and corruption. This is nothing but criticism of their Shaykh, who has been the guide adn helper of the servants since the appearance of this Tijani-Ahmadi-Muhammadi-Ibrahimi-Hanafi Bountiful Grace, due entirely to the gracious favor of the All Merciful Presence. 

I therefore turned a deaf ear to it for a very long time, even if they came up with some unheard of defamation, because of my being a member of the league of the Bountiful Grace. May Allah include us among those whose fields do not resemble the barren land! For fear of my being rejected and siding with the lower self, I was content with the defense provided by the Presence of Holiness, for it defends itself and those who believe in it. May Allah include us among its servants who rely upon it! 

Then, when a period of time had gone by, and they were still engaged in their business of negative criticism, falsehood, and slander, it occurred to me that I should collect something from the speech of the venerable Imams, concerning the explanation of the doctrines of the bosom friends. I therefore sought help from Allah and embarked on the

composition of this blessed book, obtaining support from the abundant

grace of the venerable sun of the religion, our master at-Tijani, the

owner of the firmly established station. Refuting them would be a

rejoinder on behalf of the Sheikh, the Tijani Seal, since he is the

owner of the Bountiful Grace and the one who bestows it upon the

companions, by means of his ancestor (the Prophet), who received it

from the Presence of the Lord of lords, so it became an obligatory duty

for me, because of my being a servant of that majestic dignitary. 

I arranged the contents of the book in an Introduction, three Chapters

(with three Sections in each Chapter) and a Conclusion: 

* The Introduction deals with the correct interpretation of Sheikh

Zarruq's saying, on the authority of his Sheikh al Hadrami: "Spiritual

training (tarbiyya) ceased to be practiced.....,"

*The first Chapter contains three Sections: 

-Section 1. Concerning the reality of Sufism (Tasawwuf) and the source

of the method of teaching the remembrances.

-Section 2. Concerning the excellent merit of the remembrance and the

fact that it is the closest of the paths to Allah.

-Section 3. Concerning congregational remembrance and recitation of the


*The second Chapter contains three Sections: 

-Section 1. Concerning the remembrance of the Tijani Fayda (Bountiful

Grace), and what its master said.

-Section 2. Concerning the fact that the sciences of the (spiritual)

experiences called "tastes" (adhwaq) are based on the Quran and the


-Section 3. Concerning the scope of training in the Tijani spiritual


*The third Chapter contains three Sections: 

-Section 1. Concerning the warning against negative criticism and those

for whom it is permissible.

-Section 2. Concerning the necessity of seeking the Sheikh who is a

spiritual trainer, his character and the spiritual state of the


-Section 3. Concerning the verification of the vision claimed by the

men of distinction, and what the scholars have said about the vision of

the Essence of the Creator. 

*The Conclusion deals with our confident reliance on the Spiritual Path

of the Tijani Seal (al Khatm at Tijani) and with its sciences and its


I beseech Allah, with the tongue of supplication and the speech of self

abasement, that my book may be sincerely devoted to His Noble

Countenance, and that it may benefit me and be of benefit to my

believing brethren until the Day of Judgement. I have given it the


Kashf al Ilbas an Faydat al Khatm Abi Abbas

Removal of the Cloak from the Bountiful Grace of the Seal of the Saints, Abu Abbas at Tijani.

Tarbiya, from the Kashf Al bas of Sheikh Ibrahim Niass

As recorded in the text of adh-Dhahab al -Ibriz, Shaikh Abdullah al Aziz ad Dabbagh gave the following response to the question under discussion: 

"What is meant by spiritual training (tarbiya) is purifying the soul and purging it of its depravities, so that it becomes capable of bearing the secret truth. That can only be achieved by removing the darkness from it, and severing the ties of falsehood that bind it. The severance of falsehood from it may sometimes be due to the purity of its innate character , in which case Allah cleanses it without any intermediary. This was the state of affairs in the virtuous first three centuries, which were the best of the centuries, for the people in those centuries were devoted to the Truth, constantly focused upon it. When they slept, they slept upon it, when they awoke, the were fully conscious of it, and when they moved, they moved in it. If Allah opened someone’s insight, and he examined their inner beings, he would almost invariably find their minds devoted to Allah and His Messenger, seeking the attainment of His good pleasure. Goodness abounded in them for this reason!

This light of the Truth shone in their natures, and there appeared in them such knowledge and attainment to the degree of independent judgment (Ijtihad) as cannot be qualified or defined. There was no need for spiritual training In these centuries, for the Sheikh would simply meet with his disciple, the recipient of his secret and the inheritor of his light, then speak to him about his authorization. Success would thus be conferred on the disciple without further ado, because of the purity of the natures and the clarity of the minds (in those centuries), and their ardent yearning for the path of right guidance. 

"It may sometimes be due-I mean the severance of darkness from people’s natural characters-to the instrumental influence of the Sheikh. That came about after the virtuous centuries, because people’s intentions had decayed, their consciences had stagnated, and their minds had become attached to this world, focused on the satisfaction of lustful appetites and personal fulfillment. The insightful Sheikh would therefore begin by meeting with his disciple, in order to know him well and examine him. He would then discover that his mind was attached to falsehood and the satisfaction of desires, and find that his nature followed his mind in that respect, for he was dallying with the heedless, cavorting with the negligent and loitering with the idle prattlers, and his physical limbs and organs were functioning in an unworthy manner in the process, since the mind which controls them was yoked to falsehood, not to the truth. 

When the Sheikh found him in this condition, he would command him to practice secluded retreat (khalwa), remembrance (dhikr) and frugal diet. He would be separated by the secluded retreat from the idle prattlers, who are counted among the dead. The remembrance would dispels the utterance of falsehood, the dalliance, and the nonsense that was on his tongue. The frugal diet would diminish the steam in the blood, so the lustful appetite would be diminished. The mind would then resort to dedication to Allah and His Messenger. When he attained to this purity and clarity, his nature would be capable of bearing the secret truth. This was the goal pursued by means of spiritual training and the introduction of the secluded retreat. 

"The mater then continued along these lines for a period of time, until the truth became mixed with falsehood and the light with darkness. The people of falsehood began to train those who came to them by means of the introduction of the secluded retreat, and teaching the Names with a corrupt intention and a purpose at variance with the Truth. To that they would add spellbinding incantations and ambiguous figures of speech, resulting in a beguilement (makr) and enticements (istidrajat) from Allah. 

This practice was widespread in the times of Sheikh Zarruq and his Sheikh, so it was evident to them from the wise counsel of Allah and His Messenger, that they should advise people to desist from this training, in which the purveyors of falsehood were frequently engaged, and that they should stand with the people in the zone of security, in which there is no fear and no sorrow, that being the zone of adherence to the Sunna and the Book, those who are rightly guided by which do not go astray. Their statement was couched in advisory and cautionary terms, and their intention was not to advocate the absolute cessation of genuine spiritual training. Far be that from them, for the light of the Prophet continues to shine, his message is comprehensive and his blessings are universal, until the Day of Resurrection…." 

The Quranic verses and the Prophetic traditions contain indications and explicit announcements of good tidings for this company, whose member are committed to the Truth, not at one particular time but not another, and not in one particular place but not another. Allah has said 

And among those whom We have created there is a community who guide with the Truth and establish justice therewith (7:181) 

In his marginal commentary on the Jalal, the erudite theistic philosopher Sheikh Sidi as Sawi has said: They are the Community of Muhammad (SAW), according to his saying in the Prophetic tradition: 

A company from my Community will not cease to be committed to the Truth until Allah’s final commandment arrives! (Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim) 

Mu’awiya is reported as having said, while delivering a sermon: "I once heard Allah’s Messenger say: 

Among my Community there will never cease to be a company obedient to Allah’s commandment. They will not be harmed by those who forsake them, nor by those who oppose them, until Allah’s final commandment arrives, for they are devoted to that (obedience) 

--and this company in not peculiar to any particular time, nor to any particular place. No indeed, they are present in every place and in every time, for Islam will always excel and never be surpassed. However numerous the profligates and the people of evil may be, they are of no importance and they have no forceful impact. In this is good news for this Muhammadan Community, making it known that Islam is endowed with sublimity and honor, and it people likewise, until the Day of Resurrection draws near. At that point, the bearers of the Quran and the religious scholars will die, the Quran will be erased from the books, and the gentle wind will blow, so everyone in whom there is a tiny speak of faith will die. This will not happen until the demise of Jesus (peace be upon him)…" 

The demise of Jesus will not occur until after he slays the Dajjal, and lives for forty years, as the Prophetic traditions have repeatedly stated, and the Dajjal will not arrive until after the Mahdi, by seven years at the head of one hundred. 

As for one version of the Prophetic tradition, which contains the words: 

There will always be a company in Morocco (al Maghrib)… 

--Muhyi’d Din al Arabi al Hatimi said: "Allah placed it in Morocco, meaning the station of the quality of the Seal (al Khatmiyya) and the quality of Concealment (al Katmiyya) because it is the location of the secrets and concealment." (Consult al Futuhat and his book which he entitled Anqa Maghrib fi Khatm al Awliya wa Shams al Maghrib. You should also consult al Bughya. 

Allah has said:

A multitude of those of old and a multitude of those of later times (56:39,40)

---and Ibn Abbas is reported as having said: "Allah’s Messenger said: 

"The two multitudes are from my Community." 

--This is not inconsistent with the Prophetic tradition: 

"My community is like the rain, for it is not known whether the best is in its first part or in its last!" 

--for the first is in one valley and the last is in another valley, and this implies that there may come to be someone in the Community who provides the people with tremendous benefit, which was beyond the means of anyone else among those who preceded him. The first part refers to particular individuals, while the second refers to the total span of time, and what a difference there is between the two! That is why he specified the generation". 

Sheikh Zarruq has said in Ta sis al Qawaid: "Consideration of the times and the individuals is not required as a principle of Islamic law, for it is a pagan matter, since the infidels said: 

"If only this Quran had been revealed to some great man from the two towns!" (43:31) 

--so Allah responded to them with His saying: 

Is it they who apportion their Lord’s mercy? We have shared out among them their livelihood in their life of this world, and raise some of them above others in rank so that some of them may take labor from others, and the mercy of your Lord is better than what they amass. (43:32) 

And when they said: 

"We found our fathers following a religion, and we are guided by their footprints." (43:22) 

--Allah responded to them with His saying: 

"The one sent to warn them said: What, even though I bring you better guidance than what you found your fathers following? They said: In what you (Messengers) bring we are disbelievers" (43:24) 

"It is therefore necessary to consider the universality of Allah’s gracious favor without regard for a time or an individual, expect In the case of someone specifically mentioned in His speech. The saints have followed the Prophets in that respect, because the charismatic talent (karama) is evidence of the miraculous talent (mujiza), and the religious scholars are the heirs of the Prophet in sanctity and mercy, even if they are different where superiority is concerned, so you must understand…." 

On the subject of Allah’s saying: 

And a multitude of those of later time. (56:40) 

--our Sheikh, our means of access, the nourishment of our spirits and our supporter, the Cardinal Pole, the Ghawth, the Muhammadia Seal, Sheikh Ahmad Tijani (RA) said "They are our companions!" 

Look with the eye of fair judgement, for then you will discover that he acquired the perfection of the inheritance, since the two multitudes came to be in the Community: one multitude belonging to his ancestor, they being the Companions of Allah’s Messenger (SAW), and one multitude belonging to him, they being his companions. My pen recoils from inscribing all the rest of the indications: 

In the secret of secrets there are subtle intricacies. Our blood would be shed publicly, if we were to reveal them 

By this you should know that the cessation of the support of the Prophet, or dimming the light of this Prophethood, cannot be maintained by someone endowed with the lowest degree of faith. 

As recorded in al-Jami and al Jawahir, our Sheikh Ahmad Tijani (RA) said: "You should know that the Prophet used to impose the general rules on the common folk during his lifetime; that is to say, when he declared something unlawful, he declared it unlawful for everybody, and when he prescribed something, he prescribed it for everybody, and likewise in the case of all the obvious rules of the Sacred Law. 

In addition to all that, he used to impose special rules on the elite, and he used to assign certain matters to some of his Companions but not to others, as is well known and thoroughly recorded in his traditional reports. When he was transferred to the abode of the Herafter, the situation was therefore the same as it had been during his life in this world. 

He had begun to entrust to his Cummunity the special decree imposed on the elite, but not modification of the general decree imposed on the common folk, so modification thereof ceased with his death, while his gracious favor continued to apply to the special degree imposed on the elite. If anyone imagines that all of his support for his Community came to an end with his death, as in the case of all other dead men ,he is ignorant of the Prophet’s degree and guilty of treating him with indecently. He is also in danger of dying as an unbeliever, if he does not repent of this deluded conviction.."

This is the conclusion of the Kashf Albas of Sidi Sheikh Ibrahim Niass. 

"Concerning our confident reliance on the Tijani Spiritual Path, which is endowed with Lordly Secrets and Divine Bounties, and concerning its sciences and its secrets."

Success is achieved with the help of Allah, for He is the Guide by His Grace to the straight path! 

It is no secret that the Tijani Spiritual Path is the most excellent of all the Spiritual Paths, and the party consisting of its loyal adherents is the most exemplary of all the parties, since it is an Ahmad-Muhammadan-Ibrahimi Spiritual Path. Its outer form comprises the modes of conduct prescribed by the Sacred Law (Sharia), and its inner content is the product of Reality (Haqiqa). In its practices and its offices (waza'if), you will find nothing that Allah has not commanded explicity in His Mighty Book, nor will you find anything of which Allah does not approve, by word and deed, explicitly or by implication. That is because the Tijani litany (wird), which is recited in the morning and the evening, consists of the following: 

*The plea of forgiveness (al-istighfar)

*The invocation of blessing upon the Prophet (as salat ala Nabi)

*The affirmation that there is no God but Allah

*Verses (ayat) from the Quran. 

Furthermore, the litany was received from the Prophet (SAW), in a state of wakefulness not sleep. It was he who built its foundation with his noble hand, and assigned it to our Imam as a charasmatic gift for this mercifuly blessed Community. Ever since Allah brought it into existence and presented it from the ocean of generosity, so that its benefit was made apparent to the servants of the Lord, people have benefited by it in former and in recent times, bout outwardly and inwardly, in all the regions of the earth, in the countries and the towns. Whenever a negligent servant is at the utmost distance from his Master, or is actually at war with Allah and with those in charge of him, but then he meets this Imam or one of hisdisciples, Allah will instill the love of this Imam in his heart, and he will receive this litany from him. His spiritual state will thus be transformed, and he will be included among the noble servants of Allah. He will purify himself, perform the ritual prayers, and keep the fast. He will love the people of Allah, and he will love the finest of humankind. 

In a very short time, it will become clear that he is among the chosen few, the cream of the crop. This state of affairs would be acknowledged by anyone familiar with the Spiritual Path of this magnanimous Imam, even if he happened to be one of its ignoble enemies. It is strictly incumbent, therefore, upon everyone who is aware of this abudant grace, to compete in the effort to excel in the performance of this splendid litany.

(after listing many of his sana'id to Sheikh Tijani he continues) 

May Allah grant our masters good reward on our behalf, and may He be well pleased with them and make them well pleased! Our present day affiliation and our line of transmission come, in reality from Sheikh Tijani the Seal (al Khatm), without any intermediary, since he-praise be to Allah!-is always present with us. Praise be to Allah, and thanks be to Him! 

It is related that Abu'l Hasan ash Shadhili was asked about his Sheikh, so he said: 'I used to be affiliated to my master, Abd as Salam ibn Mashish, and today I am swimming in ten oceans. Five of them consist of human beings: Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace), Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, and Ali (may Allah be well pleased with them). The other consists of spiritual beings: Gabriel, Michael, Izra'il, Israfil, and the Spirit.'(end of quote of Abu Hasan ash Shadhili) 

We are in a single ocean, which has no shore, no limit, no extremity and no end. That ocean flows from an ocean that has no shore, no limit, no extremity and no end, and which supplies it with its vast abundance. That ocean flows from the presence of liberation, and supplies it with the vast abundance of its Lordliness: 

So after that let the strivers strive (83:26) 

Those are our fathers, so bring me the like of them when you join us together, O rope of the assemblies! 

This brings us to the end of the book (entitled Kashf Albas). Allah is the Enabling Guide to the right path, and to Him (Glory be to Him) is the return and the homeward journey! 

The book has been written, with the permission of the Secretive Presence (al Hadrat al Katmiya) and with its help, by the poor servant in need of the mercy of the All Compassionate, Ibrahim ibn ash Sheikh al Hajj Abdullah. May he never cease to be enamored of the beauty of his Lord! 

I drafted this book in nine days, in the time of ignorance, the accumulation of darkness, the multiplicity of human preoccupation, the inertia of the mind, the laxity of thought and the extinction of sagacity, while apologizing to those endowed with understanding for the shortcoming to be found in this book. By Allah, I beg the reader to view it with the eye of good pleasure and sound judgement! 

The eye of good pleasure blinks at every fault, but the eye of displeasure brings the defects to light 

If someone views it with the eye of good pleasure, I trust that he will ascribe it (the book) to the bountiful grace of at-Tijani, the Seal (al Khatm), the master of the Lordly secret, because in it collects the cream of the literary works of this kind. You will seldom find a composition that contains what this composition contains, so if someone examines it closely and judges it fairly, he will know for certain that it was composed by Sheikh at-Tijani with his own hand. 

I beseech Allah--seeking help from Him, from the Seal of the Prophets and from the Seal of the Saints-to let us and all the Muslims benefit by it, to accept it from us with a fine acceptance, to bless it with a tremendous blessing, so that it will bless every place in which it arrives, to make it a protection for the Spiritual Path and its people, and to arrange it in the style of the noble Seal." 

On the day when neither wealth nor sons will be of any avail, except to someone who comes to Allah with a whole heart (26:88,89)


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(The Easy Facilitation of Access to the Presence of the Best of the Messengers)


Sheikh al-Islam al-Qutb al-Fard ar-Rabbani al-‘Arif al-Kabir as-Samdani

The Incomparable and Unique Lordly Cardinal Pole and Great Eternal Gnostic Sage

Sheikh Elh. Ibrahim Abdullah Niass RA)

In The Name Of Allah, Boundlessly Gracious, The Most Merciful

Peace and blessings be upon our master Muhammad, the Opener of what was closed, the Seal of what has gone before, the Helper of the Truth with Truth and the Guide to Your straight path. The blessing should include his Family and be for them in accordance with the reality of his magnitude and his exceedingly great status.

1. My heart adamantly rejects all else and is besieged with yearning and being

enamored with love and ardent longing for the Prophet.

2. I spend the entire night wide awake and alert composing songs and poetry for the

one who is completely pure from the beginning (of his life) to the end (of his life).

3. I am recording my poem in my night vigil while my neighbors are asleep and my

eyelids are shedding tears like falling rain.

4. I compose the verses in proper order by mentioning his attributes and description,

what can be better than celebrating the precious moon?

5. My master Muhammad is the key to the (spiritual) openings and the seal of the

Messengers, while he is also their predecessor and leader.

6. By him all of the Prophets obtained their needs and by him the Divine Presence

(Hadarat) was beautified and adorned, so exalt and venerate him.

7. He has been the ‘Messenger of Allah’ even before the creation of Adam (AS), and he

will remain the glorious and magnified ‘Messenger of Allah’ for all of eternity.

8. He emerged as a unique treasure of the Absolute Reality (Kanziyatul Haqq), and the

distributor and source of all things {as creation is from his light}.1

9. The miracles of all the Messengers is only an extract from the miracle of Muhammad,

and by (means of) him is the regulation of all affairs.

10. He is the gift of the Lord of the Throne---‘Ta-Ha’---Muhammad! And also His Divine

Mercy--for He is Rahim, so let us honor him.

11. The giver of glad tidings and the warner (of the Day of Judgment), the just and

equitable distributor; the noble and liberal benefactor and his boon permeates to all.

12. He is a perfect role model, trustworthy and the most distinguished of all those sent,

He is the Beloved of the God of the Throne--from time primordial to all of eternity.

13. He is a cumulous white cloudscape from which rain is sought by his nobility and

blessing, and by him the dark night of ignorance is illuminated.

14. The hearts of all of humanity was made full of life by his light, and their tongues were

also made lively, purified and made erudite.

15. I swear by Allah! Ahmad has no counterpart, equal and no second (and no match),

for indeed Ahmad is a unique, distinctive and indivisible pearl (Fardun Jawhara lan


16. Upon him is the blessing and peace of Allah, as well as upon his family and noble


17. If you were to ask me who is my beloved and who is my master?--I shall answer that

he is ‘Ta-Ha’, the Beloved of Allah, none other than he!

18. All of my time and moments are spent in his remembrance, in sending Salat (blessings

and peace) upon him and praising him--through this I became exalted in my Age.

19. Whosoever wishes to compete with me in my intense love and yearning for our

Prophet has indeed desired that which is impossible and prohibited.

20. Just as it is impossible to hold a day-old Moon in between one’s fingers, or just as it is

impossible to bring back yesterday to today.

21. Or it is just like those who attempted to cover and envelope (all of) his attributes,

although many have attempted and tried, they had to quit and leave (many of his

noble attributes) undiscovered.

22. I choose and prefer the love of the Chosen One—al Mustafa—over the love of

anyone else, though they be Umm Kulthum or Maryam.2

23. I swear by Allah! There is no room or space in my heart for anyone but him, for (my

heart) knows none but the Messenger of Allah.

24. He pointed to the cloud and it began to rain profusely, and when he desired for it to

stop it ceased at once.

25. When (the disbelievers of) Quraish mocked, ridiculed and belittled him, the moon was

split into half for him as a great miracle and honor.

26. Allah returned the sun for him after it had set, and when they denied and spoke falsely

of him, the Truth was sent down to judge (between them).

27. He destroyed the confederates (the army of the enemies) with a handful of pebbles or

dust! How amazing and wonderful it was when a handful of sand destroyed (the

enemies)! 4

28. The guidance of Allah reached many peoples through the light of his miracles, and

by (means of) the sword (in Qital & Jihad), Allah guided the criminals.

29. He continuously spread abundant knowledge and he simultaneously annihilated the

forces of misguidance and error.

30. Thus his message of guidance prevailed upon the earth—either voluntarily or forcibly-

--upon both the Arabs and the non-Arabs.

31. (He relented not) until the Deen of Islam has reached us, along with knowledge and

God-consciousness, therefore gratitude and thanks belongs to Allah for giving us this

predestined and unavoidable Prophet.

32. And many of us became Muslim and we have among us (in this Ummah) noble and

righteous erudite scholars and Imams.

33. Among us we have preeminent men (Rijalun Sabiqun) and with us is the Seal of the

Cardinal Poles--the Mysterious Treasure (Kanzul Mutalsam). 5

34. Blessings and peace be upon ‘Ta-Ha’—Ahmad---and also upon his Family and

Companions, who are themselves the straight path.

35. I was smitten with the love of the Chosen One—al Mustafa---the Seal---Ahmad, the

source of the universe and being itself, as well as the father and source of beautiful

character in all of its implications.

36. His love came to me even before I knew what love was, and I am burning in the fire

of my intense yearning and craving for Ahmad.

37. I am attached to him while mankind is in a deep sleep and slumber, so I am alone

enjoying his love with no one else.

38. Now in this time people are competing with me (in the love of the Prophet), and I

am in jealous competition with anyone desiring Muhammad.

39. However, I am before the first of them and have been most successful of all

generations & centuries by the (blessing of) Ahmad.

40. And why not? Seeing how the might, majesty and honor of the servant is the might,

majesty and honor of the king! So the universe has been subdued at the right hand

of a Black servant.

41. O Messenger of Allah! I place my complaints and grievances before you, for

surely you see this servant in a position of ruling.

42. I place all of my needs and the needs of the Muslim men and women before him,

and he is the medicine of my soul, therefore I am eternally free (from all others).

43. And I am always cheerful and bright-faced without any troubles or grief, and I never

experience any sadness, anguish or sorrow.

44. I begin my days with the best of those sent forth, and whosoever is with the

Messenger of Allah will never fear any (other) arbitrator.

45. The Messenger of Allah handles and takes care of all of my affairs and he has never

failed to help and assist me, therefore I became a person of nobility, honor &


46. Indeed, the care and protection of the Chosen One—al Mustafa--- is the source and

wellspring of alchemy (‘Ainu Kaymiya), as by him salty water can become sweet and


47. Through his blessing a difficult and arduous camel became gentle and easygoing, a

date palm tree fully ripened within a year, and a dried up well became foam-covered

(from gushing forth with water).

48. And Salman al-Farsi 6 was freed and emancipated due to his intense yearning and

longing for our Beloved, the (miracles of the Prophet) have no end even if volumes

of books were to be filled up (mentioning them).

49. In reality, all of the miraculous feats (Khawaraq) of the Prophets originate with him,

and by means of him they gathered all of their benefit.

50. Also, the miracles (Karama) of the Saints derive from him, and by means of him they

receive all of their favors, in order that they may give thanks and praise to Allah.

51. O Beneficent One (Barr)! O Sufficient One (Kafi)! By the majesty and grace of our

Prophet, provide this servant with all of his desires and grant me guidance.

52. O my Master (Ya Sayyidi)! Be sufficient and enough for us and protect us from all

malicious and wicked evil which You have decreed, and help and strengthen us.

53. Allow my attributes to be endowed with Your Attributes—forever and eternally---

and complete and perfect my esoteric Gnosis (Kamil li ‘Irfani), as well as my exoteric

knowledge (wa ‘Ilmi), and guide and lead me to the right way.

54. Show me and those who are attached to our group (Hizbuna)--(People of Fayda)—

the Path to Truth and Absolute Reality, forever and eternally.

55. Direct us to the path of right-guidance and make us leaders of righteous and Godconscious

people (Ahl Tuqa), and make us a victorious and successful army and


56. Peace and Blessings be upon him who enhanced and raised high the entire creation,

as well as upon the companions and the family of Ahmad.

57. All of the affairs of creation (Shu’un al-Khalq)7 are from the (comprehensive) affair of

the powerfully well-expressed articulator (Sha’n Falaqi), therefore I (hand over to

him) my eyes, my breast, my paper, and my tongue.

58. My pen and my ink is (only used) in service of his remembrance, because by the

remembrance of the Messenger of Allah I am (eternally) ascending, advancing and


59. He is sublime, honorable, beautiful and graceful (Jalilun Jamilun) and his character

is the Qur’an. Giver of glad tidings and Warner of Divine Judgment (Bashirun

Nadhirun), and a reliable and trustworthy master.

60. My intimate friend who educates, trains and teaches me (Khalili Murabbi)

(to enter) the two-fold Divine Presence (of the Divine Essence and the

Muhammadan Reality), in order that I may fulfill the need of a despondent and

disheartened people.

61. I wish (Layta Shi’ri) that I could fulfill my covenant which I have with him! For

indeed he has a strong and formidable covenant with me!

62. I swear to him by the Divine Essence (Halaftu lahu bi Dhat) that I love him with a

pure love, for he is my path and my foundation.

63. For you are the Mihrab al-Wujud or Prayer-niche of existence and its face &

meaning, you are indeed the door to union (with Allah) for those who know.

64. You are indeed the Seal of the Prophets and no one will ever see a Prophet after

the Chosen One8—al Mustafa—the majestic man (Al-Qarm Faylaqi).

65. Musaylima9 the lying imposter tried to take a share of prophet-hood with him,

which was an apparent falsehood.

66. And my Lord confirms the truth and obliterates its opposite, even if the people

of heresy, atheism and disbelief (Ahl Tazanduqi) are displeased and take offense

with the light of truth.

67. Indeed (Musaylima the liar) put forth a strong effort to substantiate his (false)

claim, but my Lord is always victorious and triumphant over mighty armies!

68. For he (Musaylima) was like the foam on the ocean and Allah moved and

obliterated his plan, while the ‘Benefactor of Creation’ (Manafi’u al-Khala’iq)

continued to advance and move forward.

69. The people of Quraysh denied, refuted and fought against the Prophet, but the

‘Sword of Truth’ cut the people of mischief and wrongdoing to pieces.

70. He eradicated the entirety of those who denied, contested and waged war against

him, while he helped and benefited those who accepted and confirmed his

message with the knowledge of the Truth.

71. The (unbelievers) continuously ostracized and caused him harm, while he never

ceased to (attempt to) guide them and treat them with kindness, mercy and


72. O my Lord! Cause me to travel on the path of Muhammad! O my Lord! Help me

against all of my enemies!

73. O my Lord! Help me to achieve and accomplish this (prayer) and enlighten our

hearts, as well as my companions, lovers and all of those who make peace with


74. I ask this by the majesty and grace of the Prophet of Truth and his companions,

may the eternal blessings of Allah be upon him.

75. Leave me alone with (the conversation about) Salma and Layla10, and decrease or

minimize your mention and discussion of the stylish braided hair of women.

76. (Leave me) to remember and venerate him whose mention gained Adam his

pardon, although he was a descendant (of Adam on the one hand) and also his

origin and source.

77. (Leave me) to remember and think of him whom the Absolute Reality (Allah al-

Haqq) has never mentioned anyone else besides him for all of time and ages11—

The best of those sent forth.

78. (Leave me) to remember and talk about him whom my heart is constantly

engrossed and captivated with whenever he is mentioned (lada dhikrihi), him by

whose remembrance my heart is smitten and lovesick (muqatala).

79. (Leave me) to remember and celebrate him whom the heavenly gardens (al-Jinan)

are made sweet and pleasant due to him, and he whom the bright full moon is

illuminated by.

80. Because if not for him there would be no creation whatsoever, for he is the seed

of existence (Badhratu hadha’l Kawn)—when he was sent forth.

81. Had it not been for him I would not find any pleasure in my life for even a

moment, for a life without the Chosen One—al Mustafa—the Bright Moon, is lost

and wasted.

82. Whosoever is attributed with the qualities (bi sifat) of the Chosen One—al

Mustafa—will be honored and esteemed in both life and death.

83. The achievements and feats of the Best of Creation can never be enumerated, so

say whatever you will about him—but he is the most honored and favored

servant (of Allah).

84. O my Lord! Make me to be his close, intimate and favorite (Muqariban), and

include my companions, lovers and whosoever has a bond and connection to us.

85. Make us (all) to be leaders of the God-conscious folk (Lil Mutaqina A’immatan) for

all of eternity, and to move smoothly along like rain fall.

86. And soften the rigidity and hardness of the rebelliously insubordinate and destroy

them, and strengthen the certainty of my followers (qawi yaqeen al-muqtafeen)—the

illustrious and high-ranking people.

87. And enrich the impoverished among those who embrace and support our group

(Ahl Fayda), and save and deliver all of the believers from trials, hardships and


88. O my Lord! Continue to elevate them (by means of) frequent & eternal

thanksgiving, for You are indeed the refuge and shelter of the weak and helpless

(Malja al-‘Ajizeen).

89. O my Lord! O You Whose army and forces (Junduhu) is always victorious!

However weak is their strategy, You are our hope!

90. To You belongs all thanks and praises forever and ever, as there is no fear or

worry for whosoever takes refuge, shelter and trusts in You.

91. May peace and blessings be upon ‘Ta-Ha’—Ahmad—and upon his family and

companions and all of those sent forth.

1 The Prophet (SAWS) said, “I am the distributer while Allah is the One Who Gives.” (Sahih al-Bukhari)

2 Umm Kulthum and Maryam are the names of two of Shaykh Ibrahim’s beloved daughters. They are both erudite Islamic scholars themselves who recite the entire Qur’an daily.

3 Narrated Anas ibn Malik: “The people of Mecca asked the Prophet (SAWS) to show them a sign. So he showed them the miracle of the splitting of the moon.” (Sahih al-Bukhari, Book 6, Hadith 4867). Allah says in Surah Al-Qamar, “The Hour has drawn near, and the moon has been cleft asunder. And if they see a sign, they turn awayand say: ‘This is continuous magic’” (54:1-2)

4 Allah says in Surah Al-Anfal, “You killed them not, but Allah killed them. And you threw not when you did throw, but Allah threw, that He might test the believers by a fair trial from Him. Verily, Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.”(8:17).

5 The absolute ‘Seal of the Saints’ (Khatm al-Awliya) is Sheikh Abu’l Abbas Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Tijani (RA). He declared himself as such only after the Prophet (SAWS) informed him of that. This spiritual rank is the highest within the Ummah of Muhammad (SAWS) and it implies that he is the link (Barzakh) between the Prophet and all saints, either past, present or future.

6 Salman ‘the Persian’ was a Black man born with the Persian name ‘Rouzbeh’ in the city of Isfahan, Iran. His search for the true Deen led him to travel extensively throughout Persia, Syria and Arabia, where he was tricked and sold into slavery. Salman was released from slavery by the Prophet (SAWS), who paid his Jewish master a stipulated price, and who himself planted an agreed number of date palms to secure Salman’s manumission. After accepting Islam, Salman would say when asked whose son he was, ‘I am Salman, the son of Islam from the children of Adam.’. The Prophet once said, “Salman is one of us, O People of the Family (Ahl Bayt)!” and he once took the hand of this Black man and said, “Even if the Deen had been in the Pleiades, men such as these would have attained it! (Sahih al-Bukhari)

7 Allah says in Surah Ar-Rahman, “Whosoever is in the heavens and on earth begs of Him (its needs). Every day He is (engaged) in some affair.”(55:29)

8 Allah says in Surah Al-Ahzab, “Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but he is the Messenger of Allah and the Seal of the Prophets. Allah is the All-Knowing of everything.”(33:40).

9 Musaylima the liar was a man who claimed prophet-hood during the time of the Prophet (SAWS). He sent a letter to the Prophet saying:

“Good news, I’m a prophet too! So you can be the prophet of the Hijaz area and I’ll be the prophet of the Najd area.” The Prophet ( (صلي الله علیھ وسلم) replied with “From Muhammad the Messenger of Allah to Musaylimah the liar. To proceed. Verily, the land belongs to Allah, and He inherits it to whosoever He wishes. And the good outcome will always be for the believers.” This occurred in the month of Muharram in the 11th year of migration to Medina when two persons came there from Yamamah and brought a letter for the Prophet from Musaylima who later became known as Musaylima al-Kadhab (Musaylima ‘the Liar’). One of the secretaries of the Prophet opened the letter and read it over to him. Allah says in Surah Al-An’am, “And who is more unjust than he who invents a lie against Allah, or says: ‘A revelation has come to me’ whereas no revelation has come to him in anything; and who says, ‘I will reveal the like of what Allah has revealed.’ If you could but see when the polytheists and wrong doers are in the agonies of death, while the angels are stretching forth their hands (saying):

‘Deliver your souls! This day you shall be recompensed with the torment of degradation because of what you used to utter against Allah other than the truth. And you used to reject His Signs and Verses with disrespect.’”(6:93)

10 Salma and Layla are the names of women that the Arabs used to commemorate in their poetry, such as the famous “Layla and Majnun” attributed to Qays ibn al-Mulawwah:

“I pass by these walls, the walls of Layla, and I kiss this wall and that wall. It’s not

love of the houses that has taken my heart, But of the one who dwells in those houses.”

11 The statement that Allah ta’ala has only mentioned the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is an indication of the fact that all of creation is made from the light of the Prophet. In a famous Hadith Qudsi it says, “Were it not for you, I would not have created creation.” ( لولاك لولاك ما خلقت الأفلاك ) In summary: since creation was created for the benefit of humanity, and since humanity was created to know and worship Allah, and since perfection of this knowledge, worship and servitude was made manifest in the Prophet (SAWS), it can rightly be said that he is the ultimate purpose for creation being brought into existence. This, then, is the classical appreciation of the “Law laaka” Hadith Qudsi, despite recent protestations to the contrary. O Allah, shower abundant blessings of peace upon our master, Muhammad; the paragon of human perfection, the best of all creation.

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