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Fadilatou Sheikh Al Islam Elh. Ibrahim Abdullah Niass(RA)

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Translation and Commentary


Imamul Akbar Sheikh Al Hassan Seydi Ali Cisse (RA)

The subject of this discussion, Sheikh Al Islam Elh. Ibrahim Niass, was a knowledgeable and talentedindividual and the possessor of many gifts from Allah, the Almighty. But, if we were limited todescribing the Sheikh in one word, we would definitely say that the Sheikh was a Muslim throughouthis life, in every time, place, and situation. Most assuredly, he was a Muslim doing his best to followin the footsteps of the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. He mentioned in one of hispoems,"If I am asked what is your Madhhab, and who is your beloved, I will definitely answer that theProphet (SAW) is."Early in his life, Sh. Ibrahim joined the Tariqa Tijaniyya which is a tariqa based purely on the Qur`anand Hadith. And if we are herein to describe the Tariqa in one word, again we will say that it is simplyto rule oneself according to the teaching of Qur`an and the teaching of the Prophet (SAWS). TheTariqa Tijaniyya was founded by Shaykh Ahmad Al-Tijani, may Allah be pleased with him, who livedfrom 1737 to 1815.The Tariqa was passed on to Sh. Al-Tijani directly from the Prophet (SAW). It should be noted thatto see the Prophet after his death is not impossible. Up to this day, virtuous Muslims are still seeing him and meeting him. In a hadith reported in Bukhari, the Prophet (SAWS) said,"Whoever sees me in a dream has seen me in reality because Shaytan cannot take my form."And in another report he said,"Whoever sees me in a dream will see me". Therefore, we should know that to see the Prophet (SAW) today is not impossible, that ALLAH provided this gift for His beloved and righteous servants.

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